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    Pilates @ The Well

    Pilates is an invaluable method of enhancing existing strengths and capabilities while at the same time moving away from any limitations and towards optimal wellbeing.

    The genius of the Pilates Method is the full body experience and the use of springs. Learning how the springs offer both resist and support to movement creates dynamic movement potential, spinal decompression and breath. It also maximises the gains of other physical disciplines. This is an optimal way to obtain uniform development which is a pillar of health and wellness.

    Diligent practice of Pilates builds exceptional conditioning and awareness by facilitating accessible breath work and focus-training for your mind.

    Learn your inherent assets and enjoy feeling both empowered and freer inside your body. You’d be surprised what you can do.

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    Yoga @ The Well

    The practice of Yoga is an inherent truth in the healthiness of moving and stillness. Many aspects of Yoga are accessible to anyone at the beginning of their journey to wellness. It’s a vast landscape that teaches you acceptance
    while building overall body strength and flexibility. Yoga unites the breath of moving the body with the stillness of the mind.

    It can mean many things to many people. The only way to know what it means to you is to get on the Mat…more than once and with good guidance at the beginning.

  • unwind

    Unwind and Unbind @ The Well

    This is an hour of feel good. Unwind and Unbind through stretch, breath and meditation in personal or small group classes. Explore the potential for a peaceful mind through guided stretching/releasing and mediation. Through a series of assisted stretches, and held yoga postures

    Modern scientific research is proving that Mediation contributes to the reduction of stress and stress related disease. It cultivates mindfulness, recovery from ill health, trauma or injury. It also enhances our game or our mindset by developing a healthy sense of competition and ambition in the our daily lives.

  • Thai Massage

    Massage @ The Well

    Northern Thai based massage is sometimes referred to as the lazy man’s yoga but don’t imagine that this means it isn’t effective. This full body system of touch moves the stagnant fluids through the body with gentle to more direct pressure, assisted stretches and breath work.

    This kind of massage is a wonderful compliment to a routine of movement as it helps get through some stickiness and habits of posture. It can also be a powerful way for showing gratitude to your body for all the effort it’s made so far by showing up on your Mat.

    Gift yourself or someone you know an hour and half of feel good zen.